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Keep Safe Online

"Play Like Share is a three-episode animated series and accompanying resource pack, which aims to help children aged eight to ten learn how to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they might encounter online" - click here


Child Protection Procedures

As part of our child protection procedures, the teachers and other members of staff have a duty to report any worries regarding mistreatment or possible neglect to the named responsible persons named below, either in school or in the social services.

The responsible persons for Child Protection in Ysgol Pentreuchaf - click here

think u know website

Thinkuknow Website

Find the latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology. Find out what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it. If you look after young people there’s an area for you too – with resources you can use in the classroom or at home. Most importantly, there’s also a place which anyone can use to report if they feel uncomfortable or worried about someone they are chatting to online - click here


Cam wrth Gam - Hyfforddiant blynyddoedd cynnar (Welsh only)

Sgiliau Newydd, Cyfle Newydd

More Information - click here

Guidance on infection control in Schools

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Have unwanted visitors this school term? Need to know more about how to treat Head Lice?

With head lice outbreaks continuing to be a ongoing problem among primary school children, did you know you can visit the NHS Direct Wales for further advice and information?

To help parents and teachers find out how best to treat Head Lice, an online head lice symptom checker is available via the NHS Direct Wales website:

Click here to visit our Head lice Symptom Checker
Click here to read more about Head Lice.

More Information - click here


Why is attendance important ?

Reaching Potential
Regular attendance is considered very important at Ysgol Pentreuchaf. Without it, all our efforts to provide high quality education would be futile; if a pupil is not present at school he/she can not learn or reach their true potential. Children who are not in school are missing education, social opportunities and experiences essential to develop effective members of society.

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Childline - Click Here

school beat website

SchoolBeat Website is a bilingual site from the All-Wales School Liaison Core Programme, providing information and resources for teachers, pupils and parents to follow up on the lessons provided to primary and secondary school children by our School Community Police Officers.

The website focuses on the three main themes of the Programme; drug and substance misuse, social behaviour and community and personal safety - click here

Classroom Assistant Job (Welsh only available)


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Internet Safety Evening for Parents


Ysgol Botwnnog - 18.00 - Wednesday 28/09/16.

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Incredible Years Course


Join us for a brew

1.30 - 3.30 Wednesday 07.09.16

Barnardo'swill be running an Incredible Years course from September at Ysgol Pentreuchaf

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The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years is a Positive Parenting programme that is offered to parents with children aged 3 - 6

The course runs from 16.09.16 on Fridays for 2 hours.
1.00 pm until 3.00 at Ysgol Pentreuchaf
A Certificate of Participation and Attendance is given at the end.
Free childcare is available.

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Primary school transport - click here

Admission Form For Secondary School


Parents should complete this form and return it to their child’s Gwynedd primary school or to the address below by 18 December 2015. Click here for the form.


Caretaker Job (Welsh only available)

logo cyngor gwynedd

I weithio fel rhan bwysig o’r tîm glanhau. Dyletswyddau i gadw ardal benodedig yn lan, ac mewn cyflwr a fydd yn hybu iechyd.
7.5 awr yr wythnos yn ystod tymor yr ysgol (3:30-5:00PM).

Tâl GS1 pwynt 8 £7.19 yr awr (£6.30 wedi ei gyfartalu)
Cyflog wythnosol £47.25

Dyddiad Cau: 24/12/2015

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Apps Welsh for the Family

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Bws i Ysbyty Gwynedd

(English unavailable)

Cynllun peilot am 3 mis i ddanfon pobl i Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor erbyn 1.30 bob pnawn Llun, Mercher a Gwener ydy hwn (fydd dim gwasanaeth rhwng 25 Rhagfyr - 1 Ionawr). Bydd y bws yn codi pobl o bentrefi Llyn i gyrraedd Bangor erbyn1.30pm ac yn cychwyn yn ôl, fan bella 4pm i gyrraedd adre erbyn tua 5.30pm.

- Tachwedd, Rhagfyr a Ionawr
- bob pnawn Llun, Mercher a Gwener
- cychwyn 12pm o Aberdaron
- dychwelyd 4pm o Fangor
- cyfleus at amser ymweld 1.30 - 2.30pm
- codi o bentrefi Llyn (amser a lle i'w drefnu wrth fwcio)
- RHAID BWCIO: 01758 721 777 neu

Dim ond £1 bob ffordd

Noson Goffi

(English unavailable)

Yn Ysgol Pentreuchaf
Nos Wener, Hydref 23ain am 7pm
Tâl Mynediad £3
Adloniant gan Alun Williams
Elw at Ward Alaw a’r Little Princess Trust.
Croeso i bawb.

Clwb Rygbi Pwllheli

(English unavailable)

Ymarferion yn ail-ddechrau yr wythnos hon

Blwyddyn 5 i 11 - nos Fawrth 6 tan 7
Blwyddyn 1, 2, 3, 4 - nos Iau 5.45 tan 6.45

Ffurflenni cofrestru ar gael yn y Clwb yn ystod yr ymarferion.

Croeso cynnes i aelodau hen a newydd

Am fwy o wybodaeth - cliciwch yma

poster celf a chrefft

CEOP and The Parent Zone announce the launch of Parent Info, a new free service for schools

From pornography to eating disorders, from sexting to violent extremism, Parent Info covers issues affecting young people online and offline. The content is written by leading experts in their fields (Brook, Young Minds, Coram, iRights, Diana Award, Quilliam, FPA, Beat etc).

For more information - click here

Celf a Chrefft

Job as a Teaching Assistant - July 2015

(English unavailable)

For more information -click here

Celf a Chrefft

Arddangosfa Celf, Dylunio a Thechnoleg Cylch Llyn 2015

(English unavailable)

For more information - click here

Admission to Primary School - September 2015

Admission to Primary School - September 2015

Parents of children who are either 3 years old before 1st September, 2015 and who wish to gain part time admission to the nursery class of a school or who are 4 years old before 1st September, 2015 and who wish to gain full time admission to school, are reminded to apply for a place for their children as
soon as possible and before the 1st March, 2015. Parents may apply online or by using the form available from any school.

For more information - click here

Cymhorthydd Cefnogaeth Dysgu Level 2 (Rhan Amser)

Jobs in Ysgol Pentreuchaf October 2014

Cymhorthydd Cefnogaeth Dysgu Level 2 (Rhan Amser)


Glanhawr i weithio fel rhan bwysig o'r tim glanhau.

The ability to communicate through the medium of Welsh is essential for this post.

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logo ysgol hafod lon

Statutory consultation on the future provision of SEN school for Meirionnydd and Dwyfor

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Temporary KS2 job available at the School

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Bedwen Lyfrau 2014 – Nant Gwrtheyrn – Dydd Sadrwn yma!
Llond gwlad o ddigwyddiadau i bawb yn Nant Gwrtheyrn ddydd Sadwrn yma (3ydd o Fai). Gweler y rhaglen isod am restr lawn.

Ymhlith digwyddiadau’r Lolfa:
Meleri Wyn James yn darllen stori o’i llyfr newydd i blant Na, Nel!
Trafodaeth am ysgrifennu i’r arddegau yng nghwmni Alun Jones, Casia Wiliam, Esyllt Maelor a Guto Dafydd
Jerry Hunter yn trafod ei nofel arloesol Ebargofiant.



Urdd Cross Country Race - Llŷn Area

Monday, April 7th - Nant Gwrtheyrn


More information - click here

Guidance on infection control in schools - click here

Ysgol Pentreuchaf head lice Guidelines - click here

Health Protection North Wales - Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

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